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Bee Consult - Time & Cost Consultants

Bee Consult is a specialist time & cost project management consultancy, optimising time & integrating cost strategies for complex infrastructure projects involving M&E, IT & Smart Systems within the data centre & commercial buildings. This is achieved through a consultancy approach utilising the traditional values of: connect; interoperate with the client - communicate; scope & gap analysis, - create; professional teams.

We ensure that the design is implemented & enhanced; cost is defined at pre-construction & managed through a process of strategic fine tuning with time implementation, increasing productivity & performance. This is achieved by defining a project management process through design, cost & time integration matching your future business plans.

Bee Consult will maximise performance by managing a specific project holistically through an economical commitment period of Key Management support. This will be implemented creating or enhancing a long term programme, with all the Intellectual Property unabridged. The assignment will progress from the pre-installation phase with a managed transition into delivery. Our senior level resource will work closely with your team maintaining your existing significant relationships.

Bee Consult has established trust in the industry so you can place confidence in us & we will provide harmony, conformity, accord & affinity. This is achieved through a connection with the whole project team, successful communication from trade contractors to stakeholders, creating a high quality product. connect I communicate I create


Employing Bee Consult means you can be confident that all work will be carried out to the highest standard.

Our mission is to provide a concentration on specific processes in M&E, IT & HMI for the data centre & commercial markets. We offer all the qualities you would expect of a first-class consultant, taking the time to understand your needs.

Time & Cost Management

Bee Consult provides effective leadership to ensure a successful installation process contributing to a faster & more cost-effective project transition process, higher quality product, increased control & a reduced risk while providing predictability. 

We work with the team to establish the relevant Information about the works, CDM & health & safety. We work with either client team, or the contracting lead to be responsible for managing pre-qualification, conceptual cost plans, value engineering, bid package assembly, subcontractor pre-qualification, budget development, designer evaluation, post tender preparation & presentation.

We will ensure that the project goals are achieved & that the design professionals integrate completely with the costing process. We will ensure full awareness of life costs along with total cost of ownership if applicable, including where necessary warranty benefits.

High Performance Hive

Bee Consult helps provider & procurer through a process that delivers best service, project management, product, customer, relationship & quality.

We help provider & procurer through a structured approach by shaping teams around key suppliers & clients. Engaging deliberate decisions to place valuable management resource based on project vision. 

Planning activities are formulated using a methodology that balances a number of factors to ultimately create a prioritisation based on an organisations aspiration for the relationship & their ability to deliver & receive.

The selection method considers relationship, ownership & cost responsibility, with a focus on raising the quality of the delivered product. Everyone equally operating on the same wave length allowing communication to be accomplished so the best in class product is created.

Strategic Vision

Strategic vision comes in many different semblances; however this should focus solely on the broad corporate strategy. While strategic management at the corporate level typically involves strategic planning annually for organisational leaders, our focus at Bee Consult is different: we focus on individual strategic management, contending that every member of an organisation should have a strategic vision for their work & understand how that individual contribution strengthens the organisation as a whole.

When Bee Consult is operating within a business we ensure we understand your strategic vision in its entirety & operate as part of the whole team to ensure the company values & goals are communicated internally & externally.

Success is obtained by implementing the right strategy, so all senior managers can share the same strategic vision for the company making decisions according to the shared principles & company mission.


An integral part of the pre-installation phase is the pre-qualification process where a specific level of competence & technical ability is required to form part of the restricted tendering procedure. PQQs enable purchasers to assess the organisation's commercial, technical, financial competencies & determine whether they meet the minimum criteria of the contract. 

Bee Consult can assist with the completion of a high-quality PQQ either as part of the pre-installation phase or as a stand alone requirement.