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Talent is an exceptional natural ability, that is often thought of as the kind of ability that comes without training - something that you're born with. It is often compared with skill, which is an ability acquired & developed through practice.

Talented people are committed individuals & should be made aware of great opportunities that meet their career aspirations. 

Bee Talent uses our knowledge base to link these individuals’ motivations, aspirations, abilities & talent with your vision, values, culture & business strategy. Through the evaluation of these key factors it ensures these individuals will add real value and 'fit' your business.

Every assignment starts with a confidential research project tailored to your needs. This work can be delivered as a stand-alone piece or as the initial phase of an assignment.

Gathering market intelligence in relation to how organisations operate is key to our business and this in turn gives us a great insight into how companies are structured, their culture & reporting lines. There are a variety of reasons why clients can use Bee Talent to conduct research on their behalf:


  • Understand the calibre of their existing and competitors’ employees.
  • Provide assistance & support to in-house recruiters
  • Utilise our expertise through our industry knowledge and connections.
  • Understand potential employees perception of your business.
  • Comprehensive client reports are produced based around the research objectives & delivered to an agreed timescale.


Before you can recruit the right person to the right role you need to understand not only the talent's profile but that of the role itself. Profiling helps you to think of the key behavioural requirements of the role you are recruiting for, in a natural and intuitive way. This is structured to provide a very objective view of the characteristics required for that role & considers:


  • What are their strengths and limitations?
  • Are they self starters?
  • How do they communicate?
  • What motivates them?


We can also help with benchmarking existing teams or individuals allowing organisations to identify training needs & therefore, prepare objective personal development plans. It is proven that this information will allow you to maximise employee performance.


Our objective is to provide a one stop shop to our clients when they need to recruit high calibre Talent in any of their business disciplines. 

Talent Solutions

Research show that diverse groups outperform homogenous teams. Bee Talent helps companies remove bias and create a more inclusive recruitment process.

Recruiting talent is a nuanced process that requires extensive research, thorough procedures, and diplomacy. Always look internally before externally, there’s a good chance the best talent for your position is already working for your organisation.

Internal talent are already familiar with and contributing to your corporate culture and goals. Given their past success within your organisation, it is reasonable to expect they will continue to excel in a new position.

Encouraging your staff to attend industry conferences, networking events, such as organised by Bee Consult and participate in professional organisations to develop relationships and encourage your employees to refer people they know or are connected to, are all important mechanisms.

We believe the emphasis on delivery must be balanced with a concentration on corporate social events to engage and build the team, introduce new relationships for development, create an opportunity for mentoring and understanding other personalities in the marketplace. Bee Consult organises events specifically for this purpose.

Always consider employing the person who is already excelling in the same role, as past success, is the best indicator of future success.

Effective recruiting combines a bit of art with science. It requires implementing repeatable processes that will lead to reliable results, it requires sophistication to think outside the box in order to find your ideal talent.

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