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Smart Thinking

Bee Consult understands that our clients demand a cost effective delivered product. Defining what is cost effective for a particular project is a critical decision as there’s no typical project; each has its different objectives. Some projects require a low initial cost; others require a design with the lowest operating & maintenance costs.

Depending on the investment & ownership it maybe the building with the longest life period that is the most important, or it could be a facility which ensures that the users are their most creative. Or it could be as simplistic as the building that offers the greatest return on investment.

While an economically efficient project is likely to have one or more of these attributes, it is impossible to summarise cost-effectiveness by a single parameter. Determining true cost-effectiveness requires a life-cycle perspective where all costs and benefits of a given project are evaluated and compared over its economic life.

Whole Life Cost

In economic terms, a building design is deemed to be cost-effective if it results in benefits equal to those of alternative designs & has a lower whole life cost, or total cost of ownership. Components of the whole life cost include the initial design & construction cost, on-going operations & maintenance & of course the useful life of the system or building.

It’s also no longer good enough for a building to simply ‘work’. They have to be energy efficient, conducive to a productive work environment, comfortable, affordable to construct & operate & fit for the purpose for which they are intended. 

Holistic Approach

Bee Consult considers all of these aspects by adopting a holistic approach through working with the customer & designer, directed under our leadership; also where possible we ensure that the designer implements the latest BIM solutions creating & using intelligent 3D models to inform & communicate project decisions to provide greater clarity for all stakeholders across the project lifecycle. Solutions include: 

  • Holistic Project Management - Time & Cost
  • Tender Process Mnagement
  • Trade Contractors Selection Management & procurement
  • Data Centre Solutions
  • Pre-construction Project Management Consultancy Solutions 
  • Intelligent - Smart Building Solutions 
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management Solutions 
  • Data Centre Thermal Containment Solutions 
  • Energy & Building Management Systems 
  • Access Control, CCTV, Fire & Security 
  • Network Integration 
  • Structured Cabling Networks
  • Land & Property Acquisition
  • Total Cost of Ownership Evaluation
  • FM Appraisals & Tender Analysis
  • Audits

Effective Solutions

Effective solution development & delivery requires the skills & talents of marketeers working with customers, designers, surveyors & facility managers. We believe the smart thinking is the effective integration of time & cost at the leading edge of opportunity discovery & innovation. This means Total Cost of Ownership - CapEX expense & OpEX investment.
A Frameworks for Building a High Performance Hive

Adaptable selection methods consider relationship, ownership & cost responsibility, with a focus on raising the quality of the delivered product. A process that creates long-term relationships with a portfolio of assigned customers & suppliers, understanding challenges, effectively implementing action plans & generating high-quality delivery is the goal.

Creating a framework for best in class provider & procurer enables a structured approach creating valuable long-term business relationships.

Selecting the specialist in the right competence area optimises production & delivery. Equally working with the customers that are on the same wave-length as the provider will allow superior communication to be accomplished so the best in class product is created for the best reward.